Crockett SIP Energy Efficient Homes

When you are building a new home you want to make sure that it is built with the best energy efficient materials available. Whether you are interested in keeping your heating and cooling costs down for monetary or eco-friendly reasons — or both — SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) are the best choice for your new home or addition.

A Crockett SIP energy efficient home, unlike traditional stick frame home construction, has its insulation built right in… which reduces thermal breaks and creates a “tight” home. Heat and cool air stay in when you want it; air and moisture from the outside are less likely to penetrate inside the home. SIP energy efficient homes are also quieter and cleaner than homes constructed from stick frames.

Our “green” SIP wall and roof panels have been extensively tested by nationally recognized laboratories and have been proven to meet or exceed all structural and fire code regulations.

Choose a Crockett SIP energy efficient home with R-24 walls and R-40 roof, and be assured that you are about to move into an affordable and highly energy-efficient house that will save you money in energy bills for years to come.

Not only will R-Control SIPs create significant energy savings, they are also heavyweights against the destructive agents of mold, mildew, and termites.

  • The EPS foam is treated with “Perform Guard” termite protection.
  • The entire SIP is treated with FrameGuard which prevents mold, mildew, and termite damage to its wood components.
  • The solid construction of SIP’s block wind and moisture, providing optimum comfort for temperature, noise and dust control.

In addition to panel layout drawings for your own plans, Crockett also offers custom design and engineering services as part of the Crockett kit material package.

Crockett Installation Services include fully insured, experienced,  and professional Installation Crews and an experienced Installation Instructor to guide your crew. Or, you can opt to build it yourself with the benefits and protections of years of Crockett’s building and general contracting knowledge.



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